6 returned items: what I was underwhelmed about from the Nordstrom sale

barefoot dreams cardigan

I was so excited about this cardigan as I purchased this one last year at the sale, and for sure it was one of the most worn items from my closet. The fabric is indescribable and I had extremely high hopes for this year's option. 

A couple of things, it was excessively oversized. Like jokingly so. I ordered a Small and I should have gotten an XXS or, if possible an XXXS. Plus, since it was sized to be oversized, it looked sloppy in my opinion. The fabric was fluffier than last year, adding to the slop factor. I couldn't return this faster. Even though I ordered it in multiple colors...

navy suede bootie

I feel in love with these when I saw them on another blogger in blush. When I saw that they came in navy, it was a no brainer. The price is great, under $80 on sale and I found myself already styling them with multiple things in my closet. 

Yet...when they arrived, I wasn't in love with them and immediately put them in the "maybe" pile. If I don't immediately love something, or am on the fence about keeping something that I have purchased and just need to make sure it goes with something in my closet or to see it with an outfit I had in mind, I make the rule to return it. Yes, all these items are on sale, but this Nordstrom Sale will not be your only chance to get whatever you are eyeing on sale. I have another pair of booties that are neutral that I love, they fit great, are a classic and there is nothing wrong with them. So back these went. I was also a little worried that they are a little more "cool" girl than is my preppy aesthetic. 

navy quilted jacket

I couldn't resist this classic jacket, especially on sale for a little over $100. With an upcoming late fall trip, I thought it would be perfect for our trip and something that I would love in my closet for years. 

Yet...It is extremely oversized. I could have taken an XS or smaller. It would be perfect if you lived elsewhere besides San Diego, but even in the middle of winter, I wouldn't need much more than a thin cashmere sweater underneath this, if not just a long sleeve tee. Plus, the buttons were far too large for the button holes. As a mom, I need a jacket that is easy on and off, so buttons need to be a none issue. 

But I did love: 1. the color, 2. the leather trim 3. the classic style and 4. the price!

camo jeans

I was excited for these, but I didn't like the fit and I much prefer a more classic look. There is only so many things you can wear with camouflage to make it look different. I would wear this with chambray, a black top, or a neutral cashmere sweater. The problem was, I was much more in love with these BLUSH JEANS and these $42 HIGH WAISTED JEANS, that I didn't see the need for another pair of pants, even though they are on sale for under $50.

double breasted pink blazer

Even though y'all went bananas for this on my Try On Stories, I recently got a similar pink blazer, in a more season friendly dusty color, for $20 on Poshmark, so I felt a little silly keeping two pink blazers in a month. I did, however keep the black one, because you never have enough black blazers in your closet, and I didn't have any. Y'all know that I have a bunch of navy ones, but I needed a basic black one. It can easily be paired with a white tee and jeans or over a cocktail dress. I am very excited for the weather to cool down to wear this in back a ton.

meghan markle wrap coat

I had high hopes for this jacket, since it was such a Meghan Markle moment. But it was extremely itchy and even though it didn't look like it in person, in photos and in my stories, it looked a little too much like a robe. It is for a later fall Euro trip, so I want to look chic at all times, plus have a jacket that I love to reach for on those rare moments I need a coat in my San Diego life. 

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