rainbow off the shoulder and my views on technology, friendship and bullies

smocked off the shoulder top

smocked off the shoulder top

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smocked off the shoulder top outfit

smocked off the shoulder top outfit

Life is too short. 

I am incredibly selfish of my time. I'm antisocial and socially awkward so I much rather be alone then with people that don't make me feel awesome. I have a bunch of best friends, some that I have know since I was little, some I have meet in the last year, but all make me feel great. 

Recently, I was surprised to be exposed to "mean girl" behavior via text. Literally, shocked. I laughed at myself, after praying for strength, because life is too short to not  be purposefully surrounding yourself by people that build you up, support you and are always in your corner. Not ones that feel the need to point out your flaws, call you conceited because you might have a difference in opinion or make you upset. Maybe she had a bad day. Maybe she got in a fight with her husband. Maybe she is on her period. Either way, I forgive this mean girl, because it isn't a big deal and life is too short. I hope she feels better. I hope she feels great and I hope she got over whatever was really bothering her.

When someone is being mean, don't forget that what they are saying says more about them than what it says about you. 

Technology has gotten in the way of a lot of things, and sometimes, I blame it for everything that is wrong with society. But these little devices that we call phones, give too much power to negativity. They make it too easy to text an insult, leave a mean comment and spread negativity. It is too easy to spread negative energy, with a much larger foot print than ever before. Use this post, and my recent exposure to "mean girl" behavior, to spread love. Text your college roommate or a sorority sister you haven't talked to in a while, with a simple, "thinking about you!" Comment back, and like that last, like 10 pictures of that follower of yours that is always engaged in your content.  Call your sibling to tell them you love them and nothing else. Or, Tell a stranger that you see out that you think that they look nice, or compliment their clothes, especially one that has their nose buried in their phone.  {I love to do this when I see people out and about that might look a little sad or down.} Use that little device, your phone, to spread love, kindness and make people feel good. 

The term "friend" and "spending time with" has changed with social media. You can be a part of some one's life, know what they had for lunch or where they are at this exact moment without being in real contact with them. Without sending a text that was meant just for them. Without hearing their voice when they are talking to just you or when they are physically in front of you.So I have realized that, yes, friendships are difficult and ever changing; life gets in the way,  we are all busy, there can be setbacks and arguments but to have a friend, you have to be a friend.  Why waste time "around" someone that isn't a friend? Puts you down? Make you feel bad for being you? Life is too short.

So, I will be over here, being antisocial and socially awkward, keeping my friends close, my best friends closer and bullies far, far away. 

photos by Asha Bailey

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