July Top 5

I wanted to start sharing the favorite items from the month before as a way to share {both for you and me} of what y'all loved the most. This includes me going over analytics of sales, clicks, orders and conversion rates. I love this part of the blogging "job" and have been doing it behind the scenes to track what you love, hate and want more of anyway, so I thought I might as well share!



It is no surprise that these were the most clicked on and purchased item last month {I knew that this would happen with these jeans and these $14 SUNGLASSES, item #5.} I think that I shared on a daily basis on my Insta-Stories that these were the find of the Nordstrom sale, that all us bloggers were shitting our pants about. I don't think that there are anything wrong with them: the price, the color, the fabric, the high rise and the length are all perfect. I have not worn them all day, so I am unsure if they hold their shape, but once the San Diego weather allows, I will report back! 

I have included these in my Nordstrom Sale roundup too. I pretty much live in athleisure wear {which really isn't leisure wear since I like to kick my own butt with my workouts}, so these shoes are cute and functional. I haven't run in them, just because I do so many miles with the dogs that I got a special running shoe {read: not cute} to help my knees, back and form. I got these in the melon and the gray. They run true to size. I got a 7.

mesh insert legging

These were something that I shared when the Nordstrom sale first started. I have them in my try ons that I have saved to my profile on my Instagram. Here they are in another delicious color, not on sale. 


this was also my 5th most popular Instagram in June and 6th for follower engagement!

If it weren't for the Nordstrom sale, these would be the most clicked on item, by far! At $14, they are the ultimate find. I have them in red, white and 2 pairs in navy. I just ordered a back up since they are that good, and you know, $14. 

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