workout wednesday: my weekly schedule

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Full Body Week 19
45 minutes stationary bike

2.8 outdoor family run where Fernando and I switched pushing the double stroller

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Arms Week 20

3.35 mile run outside with Jackson
2 mile indoor sprints on the treadmill
 we are training our dog, Jackson to run with us and don't want to push him too much. We have slowly taken him on runs, increasing the distance every so often. We started with a .5 mile run and now he can easily tolerate, and loves! 3 miles. So we are working on him getting better at 3 miles plus. I wanted more of a workout this day, and the kids and I didn't have to be anywhere, so I hopped on the treadmill and did OrangeTheory style sprints for 2 miles. 

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Legs Week 20
Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Full Body Week 20

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Abs Week 20
20 mins elliptical

3.25 mile run with the double stroller and Jackson

5 mile run outside

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