pjs out of the house

tiered cami top outfit

anthropologie pj top

straw fedora outfit

skinny jeans and converse outfit

straw fedora outfit

I love anything soft or comfy. Before kids, I would always always choose cuteness over comfort. But when I became a mom, I realized that I got much more snuggles if I was wearing soft clothes and this immediately became the #1 priority: more snuggles number one, me being comfortable number 2 and cuteness a distance third.

When I first spotted this tiered cami top, I had to ask the saleslady, twice, if it was really a pajama top. I immediately pictured this outfit in my head: paired with my high rise skinny jeans and mom appropriate converse sneakers. With this outfit, I get to look cute and increase my chance of lots of snuggles. And that I am ready for bed or a nap. {matching pjs pants here.}

photos by Asha Bailey Photography

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