My Nordstrom Sale top 5

j.crew pink blazer

You know that I live in blazers and I find them to be a part of my personal style. I love wearing them over tees and with skinnies or over dresses. Either tend to be my church uniform. Even though I recently got a pink blazer on Poshmark, I couldn't resist this one {the pink is such a delicious shade}, but I also got it in black. I lost my favorite favorite favorite one years ago at a cocktail party and have never been able to find a great replacement. I plan on taking this one to my tailor to make the fit impeccable. I truly do recommend doing this with any blazer that you purchase. I am all about, when shopping, if you don't look in the mirror and immediately think, "I must have this!" then it should be returned. But blazers are the exception. Sizing can be strange so I 100% recommend taking yours to the tailor, with a similar layer to wear underneath, so it can be fit to your style desire. 

For example, I rarely need any heavier outwear in San Diego, so I just wear a tee, or tank when I get mine fitted. If you plan on layering with sweaters, bring the one that you imagined your blazer going with to make sure the fit accommodates a bulkier layer. With great tailoring, you can make an on sale blazer look custom made. I once had a Zara {probably about $50} blazer tailored and I was asked if it was Balmain!

This has been on my wish list since I first spotted a sneak peek of this sale. The fact that they are so cute, come in gray and are under $64 {$85 after sale}, made me order them in either size to make sure that they don't sell out in the size I prefer. Y'all know that I am obsessed with these HIGH WAISTED NAVY LEGGINGS, and I think either color will look super cute with the multiple navy pairs I have.  Or with leggings and an oversized sweater for the fall casual mom days. 

every single blogger has mentioned this cardigan, but it really is that good. This can be evidenced by it continually selling out during the presale. I bought this last year in a stone color and it was by far, one of the most worn items in my closet this last year. I love a great open front cardigan, and I have no joke worn this over gym clothes and over little lace camisoles for wine dates with my husband. It is what I always recommend to new moms or moms to be: you can easily nurse in public and the softness is next level for those newborn cuddles. If/When it comes back in stock, I am getting one for the preggers in my life!

If you get one item from the sale, I recommend this. It will whole heartedly change your beauty routine. Plus, you get two for the price of one. I use them in the morning after I wash my face with only water and at night, after watching my face at night with soap, or doing a face mask/ clarisonic brush and before I begin layering my night creams. You will be surprised how much makeup you will still remove, even after washing your face. These are great for traveling too since they don't classify as a liquid and can easily be stowed in your carry on as an inflight refresher and part of your vacation skin care routine.

If you are looking to spend under $100, or to get one luxe item from this sale, I highly recommend this scarf.  It is 100% cashmere and just under $100 {$150 after the sale} and comes in 7 colors. I got this neutral and gray. You can use it as a light wrap, drape it around your shoulders with the ends tucked under each elbow for a poncho look and, as the way I will be wearing it, layered with blazers for the multiple fall ready outfit. Dare I say that it is also not too early to start your Christmas shopping... this literally just hit me as I was writing this copy. Now I am about to place my 7th Nordstrom sale order as I think my mom and sister would love this!

Y'all know me better than to assume that I only got only these 5 items, but these are my top 5. My orders are just beginning to arrive, so I plan on sharing more with try ons on my IG stories and items that I will not be keeping. 

this Duchess Style jacket is exactly what this sale is all about! to snag a fall basic that you wouldn't purchase at full price, but would be on your wish list. This reminds me of many coats that Meghan has been spotted in and I got it in the dark gray for my upcoming birthday trip in the fall. Fingers crossed it as chic in person as it is online!

These look so cute in the photos and you can't beat the price of under $45!

 I love the light weight of this cardigan versus this one, the gorgeous light blue color and the price $45. 

The timeless double breasted style is something that I will have in my closet forever. We have a big fall trip coming up and I could resist snagging this up, in navy, of course, for our trip for about $100!

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