workout Wednesday: my weekly schedule

matching workout set
you will be pleasantly surprised where this adorable set is from!
high waisted leggings are $29 and bra is $17 and they come in 5 colors
size up. Size S legging I had a hard time getting on...

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Bench Challenge
About 30 minutes of different exercises working every muscle group, using a bench.
Think Bench Jumps {hands on the bench, feet and body on one side of the bench on the floor, and jump from side to side, over the bench}, incline pushups, with hands on the bench and then feet on the bench, and my personal favorite, lay down push up to burpee to jump on the bench. 

4.7 mile outdoor run
There are two gates into our community and I have always wanted to run from one gate to another, but has always been a little nervous because on the main street, it is quick to drive but looks like an intimidating run. Today, I went for a trail run that let out into another neighborhood. I told myself I could turn around at 2.25 miles, but by that point I had somehow ended up on the main street, so I thought to give this run that I have been thinking about trying, a go! I made it from gate to gate and now found the perfect {almost} 5 mile loop!

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Arms Week 18

2.6 mile run, up hill, pushing the double stroller
there is a hill by our house that I normally start walking after less than 2 minutes. Since I had Jackson with me, I couldn't do my normal 3-4 mile run, since he is a puppy and we are still getting him used to running with us. Therefore, my goal was to get to the turn around point at the top of the hill, pushing the double stroller without stopping. I crushed it! And my legs were jelly. I started to beat myself up for doing a shorter run, but then I praised myself in my self talk since I crushed a goal! 

Orange Theory Class
I love the instructor and chose the 10:25am class, even though is later than I normally like, due to him! I am telling you, even though the workouts are the same at every location on the same day, the instructor {and the playlist!} make a BIG difference!

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Total Body Week 18

3.18 mile run pushing the double stroller

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Abs Week 18
Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Legs Week 18

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