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I remember being a kid and having coordinating clothes with my older brother. We had these matching overalls and of course, matching pastels. {if you know my parents and brother at all, you know they love to wear pastels!}. So I love passing this on with my kids.

rails dress

If you have any travel plans this summer, I can't recommend this dress enough! It is chic, extremely versatile, easy to pack and super duper cute {stay tuned for an upcoming outfit post!}. I have included all the colors that I could find available.

navy blue sunglasses

These sunglasses were the most clicked on and purchased item for a couple of weeks in a row. And I love love love getting DMs and emails from you guys about how much you love something you have found on my feed and I have gotten a bunch of messages about how much you love these! They are $14!

My favorite lip liner ever and the one that will go with every lip color in your drawer, even if you just prefer chapstick or a light gloss. 

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