makeup monday: coola and glossier

glossier birthday balm

I want to share some items that I am currently loving in my makeup vanity. While I am loving everything in my MEGHAN MARKLE'S FAVORITE MAKEUP post, I want to continue to share other items that make my minimal makeup look functional. 

GLOSSIER BIRTHDAY BALM - this was a gift from a bestie and I love it! The smell and texture are very reminiscent from my first middle school balm, but in the most flattering way possible. It is gorgeous on its own and functional enough that it works for running errands or out for drinks. 

COOLA MINERAL SUNSCREEN - this tinted sunscreen was a gift from a blogger event and it is. life. changing. It literally looks like you have a filter on, but better since it is real life. I have never liked face makeup, but since I am aging and have this gorgeous melasma from back to back pregnancies, I find myself needing it more and more. Yet, I still hate the look {and feel} of full coverage face makeup. This one is perfectly light but gives a natural coverage. Plus, I always love anything with SPF in it.

note: this is not sponsored, but products I love, use and recommend. 

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