Meghan Mania: her favorite hat

meghan markle panama hat
meghan markle panama hatmeghan markle panama hat

meghan markle instagram

meghan markle instagram

Sadly, these photos are from Meghan Markle's now defunct Instagram account. But file this under the countless reasons that I love that Meghan Markle is now a Royal: we get a look into her private life, even if it is a look at her actress life and before her official joining of the Royal Family. {But some of these photos were from her girls trip in August 2016 with Jessica Mulroney, immediately before she jetted off to Rwanda to meet Harry for their fateful first trip! and five weeks after their first date.}

As I age, I have definitely more strict with my sun exposure on my face. My dermatologist said it is way to protect your investment {now, if someone could help me watch my kids/ open up my schedule to allow for the downtime I need to take advantage of the micro needling I bought myself but never scheduled...10 months ago!}. It never feels like summer to me until I buy a new hat. This year I have gone overboard buying this one, this one and this one in three colors. 

Meghan Markle's white fedora is such a staple of her, that we will probably never see her wear it again, since it is pretty easy to spot. She was great about making it a work overtime, wearing it with everything from her bikini to sundresses, from the beach to late European dinners al fresco. 

Shop all the options below. I found all price points from $24 to $200+, all online retailers, if you have a preference and all brim sizes, so you can find your most flattering fit!

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