workout wednesday: my weekly schedule and my total body workout

white moto leggings


Complete 4 Rounds
-100 jumping ropes
-Bicep Curls to a Shoulder Press x 15
-Tricep Dips x15
-Incline Sit Ups x15
-Bicep Curl Combo
start with arms at a 90 degree angle with weights in front of your body and do a basic curl
keep elbows in at your side and palms facing the ceiling and brings arms to your side, like you are making an 'L' with your arms and do a lateral side bicep curl and return to start
Each bicep curl is considered a 1/2 rep

-Lateral Lunge with a Shoulder Press
start with weight (10-15bs) in right hand
legs in a lateral lunge, farther than hip stance apart
right foot is facing forward, left foot is perpendicular, facing directly left
bend left knee to 90 degree, while bringing weight to the inside of the left knee
straighten leg, while bringing weight to your hip, then shoulder than overhead in one fluid motion

25 minutes on the stationary bike


4 mile run
I took Jackson with me for the first 1.5 mile run, as we are getting him used to running, both for training purposes and for his feet and joints. This was his longest run yet!


Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Arms Week 17
Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Full Body Week 17
As I shared in my IG stories, I am trying to get back on track! May and the beginning of June was glutenous to say the least, and all my hard work getting in shape this year was easily undone by a bunch of bad eating and drinking. 


4.3 outdoor run


Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Abs Week 17


6:05 am OrangeTheory class


50 min elliptical


Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Bench Challenge
About 30 minutes of different exercises working every muscle group, using a bench.
Think Bench Jumps {hands on the bench, feet and body on one side of the bench on the floor, and jump from side to side, over the bench}, incline pushups, with hands on the bench and then feet on the bench, and my personal favorite, lay down push up to burpee to jump on the bench. 

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