workout wednesday: my leg circuit

Hike in the snow for 3 miles with Leo Man in the hiking backpack
I can't believe that the photo from above was taken at the end of May!

This "workout" in altitude is the gnarliest. I felt like I worked every muscle group, especially my upper back and legs, obviously!

2 minutes uphill runs
50 uphill lunges for a total of 300
for 45 minutes
The altitude in Lake Tahoe was the best addition to my workouts. As I was planning on getting to the local gym more often, but after spending 90 minutes there one day, I wanted to enjoy being outside. We rented a VRBO with an amazing view in Incline Village, up on the hill. This lent itself to amazing hill workouts. I ran to the bottom of the hill, would do 50 uphill lunges and then run uphill for 2 minutes. Even though I am in the best shape of my life, I was counting down the seconds until these 2 minutes were over. The altitude is no joke! When I got to a flat point in the neighborhood, I would jog, with no timer, until I found another step incline, then start my set of 50 lunges. I did a total of 300 and was sore until Thursday!

1 hour and a half hike carrying Leo in the hiking backpack. 
1.5 mile run all uphill
After our family hike with the kiddos and my in-laws, my husband and I had the great idea of being dropped at the bottom of the hill and have to run all uphill to our rented home. It was gnarly and there were points that we both wanted to walk. We encouraged each other with wine and lunch {and our cuties} waiting for us at the top of the hill. 

OrangeTheory class 
nothing like realizing vacation is over than with an Orange Theory class!

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Full Body Week 15
Recover Lower Body
I hate to admit that I have never done this part of the app, just clicking through so I can get to the next week. I do highly recommend it! It is basically about 15-20 minutes of stretching and using a foam roller. There were muscles that were tight and that this felt delicious on that I never give any love to {my calves!}. 

CorePower Yoga Sculpt
I thought for sure after having a kick ass week of Lake Tahoe Altitude workouts this class would be a "chill" workout. I. Was. Wrong.
If you are in the North County San Diego Area, go to Meghan's Sculpt classes. The 9:30 am Thursday class is always killer. 

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 2.0 Arms Week 15

see video below

Complete 3 Rounds
-Glut Kick Backs x12 each side

-Walking Lunges x20 total

-Weighted Dead Lifts x14
I did 27.5 lbs

-Overhead Ball Slams x20
As I shared in my IG story video, check how bouncy your ball is before you start. I whacked myself in the face and knocked off my hat

Complete 3 Rounds
- Step Up With Knee Up x12 each side

-Weighted Squat With a Shoulder Press x12

-Incline Mountain Climbers x40 total
hands on the floor, feet up on a bench, plank body
bring knee to opposite elbow and return to start, this is one rep

- Lateral Lunge With a Shoulder Press x12 each side
start with weight (10-15bs) in right hand
legs in a lateral lunge, farther than hip stance apart
right foot is facing forward, left foot is perpendicular, facing directly left
bend left knee to 90 degree, while bringing weight to the inside of the left knee
straighten leg, while bringing weight to your hip, then shoulder than overhead in one fluid motion

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