workout wednesday: my own circuit training

best workout leggings and rose gold sneakers

I did my own workout, similar to the idea behind the Sweat App: Complete each exercise in each circuit through as many times as possible for 7 minutes, each circuit twice. 

Circuit One
- 100 jumping ropes 
don't stop if you haven't tripped yourself once you hit 100. See how many you can do in a row!

-Jump up pull ups x 10
holding on to the pull up bar, with the assistance of a stool, jump up until you are the height of a pull up, then slowly receded down until you are hanging, quickly jumping up again to get yourself tired. You will be incredibly sore the next day. 

-Bicep curls x12-15
life more than you think! try for 10-17lbs

-Lat pull down

Circuit Two
-Row 12 each side
again, do more than you think! I recently increased to 20lbs. With weight in right hand and right foot on the ground, have left hand and left knee on the bench. Switch sides

-Incline sit up

-Bicep curls x12-15
life more than you think! try for 10-17lbs

-Upright row
to decrease risk of shoulder injury, do not push it! Don't life more than 12 lbs, keep knuckles facing forwards and weights close to the body, elbows going as high as the shoulders.

3.75 mile run on our treadmill
doing THIS interval training

1 hour walk outside, pushing the double stroller

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Arms Week 9
Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Abs Week 9
I felt behind "schedule" since I didn't do a Sweat App Stronger workout on Monday. I plan on working out at a spa with my bestie this weekend and I still need to get to an Orange Theory this week! Plus, I woke up early, so there was time!

3.5 mile run on our treadmill 
doing THIS interval training


Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Legs Week 9

30 minutes stair climber
Barre Sculpt class with my bestie at the spa

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