wedding timeline, when to get up and where to watch

As my Royalist Loyalist standing is at an all time high, I wanted to answer all the Royal Wedding questions I have been getting here. 

While I know that there are countless resources, news outlets and online information, I have had so much fun providing daily "Royal News" updates on my IG Stories. Many of you have commented and DM'd me that you heard certain information on my feed before you heard it on the news! I love being a resource for you, so here are the most common questions I have been getting this week:


I would truly be surprised that this won't be covered by every news outlet. All outlets are offering something, so by all means, watch your favorite. 

CNN would be a great recommendation but I then worry about Trump doing something ridiculous {when does he not?} and taking over the news coverage. 

BBC would be a great outlet since they will have the most UK resources, knowledge, correspondents knowledgeable about royal protocol and this whole thing will be much better to watch with a minute by minute breakdown in a British accent.

KPBS is where I first scheduled to record, since they are one of my favorite news outlets and are no fuss. 

ABC "Good Morning America" will make it fun and lively and they begin their coverage around 1:30 am PST.

NBC and the Today Show seem to have the best location and have already shot a special getting you ready. The anchors do tend to be a bit chatty, so if this isn't your jam, look elsewhere. 

all times are local Windsor England Times. 
Stateside times are displayed further down in this post.

9:00am-11 am: guests will begin arriving. There are about 600 guests invited to be inside the chapel during the wedding, but local charities and royal staff are invited to be on the grounds outside the wedding to observe the day's events. They will begin to arrive at this time.

About 11 am: Meghan and her mom will begin the roughly 24 minute drive from the hotel where she stayed the night before with her mom. 

About 11:20 am: Royal family will begin to arrive. Prince William and Prince Harry will walk to Windsor castle about this time to greet the guests on the grounds and begin walking to the alter. It is not like an American wedding where the groom is paraded in. He waits at the alter for the festivities to start. 

Whenever Queen Elizabeth II is ready: She arrives. As head of the family and country, she is the last royal family member to arrive. Presumably, she will arrive and get seated before Meghan gets out of her car to meet with her page boys and bridesmaids, all godchildren of her and Harry. 

About 11:45 am: Meghan will get situated with her wedding party outside the chapel. I think her mom will be walking her down the aisle and therefore will stay with her from her hotel, until she hands her off to Harry. 

12 pm: Wedding Time!
The wedding will be about an hour. 

1 pm: Harry and Meghan will leave the chapel as husband and wife. 
They will begin their approximate 30 minute drive around Windsor to great all the well wishers. 
They then have a lunch, as is British wedding tradition, with all guests invited to the church wedding. 
coverage will commence at this point.

As is also British Wedding Tradition, a smaller group of friends and family, {read: no heads of state or  non A team} will be invited to a private reception at Frogmore House. This will be of what you typically see in the US for a wedding. Unfortunately, there will be no coverage of this event, so I recommend having your own Spice Girls dance party and pretending you are there!


Below is a breakdown of what time you need to wake up:

To See Everything
1 am California Time {PST}
2 am Colorado Time {MST}
3 am Texas Time {CST}
4 am East Coast Time {EST}

To See Meghan get in her car and drive to Windsor Castle
3 am California Time {PST}
4 am Colorado Time {MST}
5 am Texas Time {CST}
6 am East Coast Time  {EST}

To See the Royal Family Arrive
3:20 am California Time {PST}
4:20 am Colorado Time {MST}
5:20 am Texas Time {CST}
6:20 am East Coast Time  {EST}

To See Meghan Arrive at Windsor Castle
3:30 am California Time {PST}
4:30 am Colorado Time {MST}
5:30 am Texas Time {CST}
6:30 am East Coast Time  {EST}

To See the Queen Arrive
3:45 am California Time {PST}
4:45 am Colorado Time {MST}
5:45 am Texas Time {CST}
6:45 am East Coast Time  {EST}

To See the Ceremony
4 am California Time {PST}
5 am Colorado Time {MST}
6 am Texas Time {CST}
7 am East Coast Time  {EST}

To See the Drive around Windsor
5 am California Time {PST}
6 am Colorado Time {MST}
7 am Texas Time {CST}
8 am East Coast Time {EST}

I recommend following #MeghanMarkle and #RoyalWedding now on IG. Type those in and click follow. Anything with those hashtags will show up in your feed. That way you can get first hand accounts, associate press photos and unseen photos that won't be on the news!

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