Meghan + Harry

meghan markle alone with the priest

best photo of the royal wedding flowers

By now, you have seen the dress, the flowers and got spammed by my IG stories. But just because the  Royal Wedding is technically over {I still haven't gotten my fill!}, there is still more to enjoy. Below are some accounts I recommend following to get more Royal Wedding in your life, as if you've had enough.

This is the only official account of those that reside at KP. While it is well know that The Palace does not allow social media due to safety issues, this account is run with official Royal News, such as events and appearances and news. This is the first place that the engagement photos of Meghan and Harry were shared and the first official photos of Prince Louis. I also recommend @ClarenceHouse for Prince Charles and Camilla news. 

This is the photographer that shot those family engagement photos and he is also the wedding photographer. While Royal Weddings are a bit different than stateside weddings for many reason, the one thing we did not see on Saturday was a photographer tiptoeing around the aisle and alter to get shots of the couple during the ceremony. Thanks to the media coverage, these images will not be needed. Regardless, he is the official photographer for the event we did not see and therefore {fingers crossed!!!} he will be sharing photos from the luncheon and the evening reception, as well as official, and hopefully, some unofficial ones too. 

They are responsible for, quite possibly, the most gorgeous wedding flowers I have ever seen. While I don't think they will ever be able to top that, you can follow along with them as they try. 

This is account I started to continue to share the random Royal Family facts that I know and learn along the way. I will take the character limit in IG captions to the test and try to focus on questions I have received and topics that y'all have expressed interest in. 
There a countless fan pages to every member of the Royal Family, and since my love for them runs deep and true, I will try to focus on all members, but you can beat that I will be focusing on sharing the history that I know in the coming weeks that pertains to this and all Royal weddings.

serious candid of meghan and harry
By now you are fully aware of the ultimate height of my Royal Family obsession.

I get asked all the time when this started and I can't exactly pinpoint but I do remember having a picture of Prince William in my locker from 8th grade pretty much for the rest of high school and being furious when I learned about Princess Di's wedding, because I didn't remember my mom letting me watch it. {It was in July 1981. I wouldn't be born for a couple of years...}

I am fully aware of my obsession. But it wasn't until I spammed y'all with my IG stories that I realized, hearing myself talk about it, the amount of facts that I do know. Like Meghan's dress, some of you hated my comments but many of you loved them. Therefore, I have started the new IG account with the best Royal Family facts over on @RoyalistLoyalist.

I got many very sweet and encouraging comments that you loved the random facts that I shared while watching the wedding over the weekend all three times. Therefore this account will be a space that I can really let my {Royalist Loyalist} freak flag fly and provide information that you can come back to and read, instead of IG stories that disappear after 24 hours.

As always, please DM me, email be or leave a comment if there is any questions you have. I want, as always, for the spaces that I create on the world wide web to be fun for you to follow.

best photo of meghan markle on her wedding day

^^this was my favorite photo from the entire day. I stole it from Vogue's Instagram

photos all borrowed from Getty Images

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