workout Wednesday: 90 second treadmill interval training

spa workouts with my bestie
My outfit: WORKOUT BRA // HIGH WAISTED LEGGING I got a 'S' in both

30 minutes stair climber
Barre Sculpt class with my bestie at the spa

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Full Body Week 9
with my bestie

3.3 mile run pushing the two cuties and the DOUBLE RUNNING STROLLER 
a workout in itself!

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Arms

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Legs

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Abs
Treadmill Interval training

I stole the idea from OrangeTheory. As you saw on IG stories, the app wouldn't let me sign up for a class and contrary to what you might think, the 5am and 6am classes in my neighborhood book up, so I wasn't going to risk not getting a treadmill or spot in class by not signing up ahead of time, therefore I made my own:

Treadmill Interval Training
switch up your speed every 90 seconds

- first 2 minutes: start at your "starting/warmup" pace {example: 5.7mph}
-2:00-3:30: push to not quite a sprint, but like you might be trying to catch the bus {example: 7.2mph}
-3:30-5:00: faster than your beginning, a comfortable pace that isn't easy nor hard {example: 6.2mph}
-5:00-6:30: an increase of your first increased speed {example: 7.5mph}
-6:30-8:00: still faster than your beginning speed {example:6.4mph}
-8:00-9:30: all out sprint {example: 8.0mph}
-9:30-11:00: return to a speed close to what you began at to recover {example: 6.0mph}
-etc. etc. etc....

change up the speeds every 90 seconds. There is NO right or wrong way to do this! Do what feels good! Do what feels hard! I love this kind of treadmill workout because I am never bored. The time goes quickly and I get a great workout. Try out all speeds, try to mix it up and see how fast you can go and what feels good!

35 minute outdoor walk pushing the DOUBLE RUNNING STROLLER 


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