suede flat espadrilles

blush flat espadrille

As a mom, I'm all about making life simple.

I have done a major re haul on my closet, getting rid of clothes that I even have to wonder about {like, when I reach for it, do I have to ponder if I will like how it looks or how I feel wearing it}, things that haven't been worn or things that don't really go with anything else. 

I have also gotten rid of stuff that takes too much effort, like too much ironing, or after picking up and putting down the kids {carrying them both at the same time is the best all day workout!}, the top just doesn't look cute anymore. 

So, with this being said, a shoe that I have to tie doesn't quite fit in my "no fuss" closet. BUT I couldn't resist. 

After re-finding and re-falling in love with the pair I shared in this Instagram post, I have since decided I need, yes, need, another pair. So I am happy to share that I found all the options for this shoe HERE! They run true to size, I got a 7/37, but there is limited colors and sizes, so get on it! And they are more than 50% off.

I only wish I had thought of slipping them in my Easter basket...

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