don't worry, I'm on the {wait} list...

meghan markle crossbody bag

meghan markle crossbody bag

It is no secret that I am a Loyalist Royalist and am obsessed with anything and everything Royal Family. I am not sure when this obsession started but I remember having a picture of Prince William in my locker in 8th grade that I found at the back of Vanity Fair magazine. 

I have a standing joke with some of my mom's friends about how I am besties with Kate Middleton to the point that when they are in London, they send me forged postcards signed from the Duchess. Call it silly, but to me they are the ultimate celebrity: classy, focused on using their platforms for doing good and are the standard of pomp and circumstance. 

With the upcoming Royal Wedding and Meghan Markle fever being at an all time high, I am finding myself stalking every Meghan Markle hashtag and googling information on her and wedding details on a daily basis. 

When she did her first royal engagement and wore a STRAHTBERRY bag, it sold out in minutes. {HERE is the style that she first wore, but in navy, available for preorder. And the MC MINI TOTE in four colors available now! This is the same style she first wore but in a smaller version.} But my favorite was this STRATHBERRY East/West Mini bag that Meghan wore in Scotland. I am officially on the wait list for navy {duh!} but Meghan Fever made me also fall in love with her emerald, or 'Hunter', green. Don't worry, I'm on the wait list.... for almost every color. 

UPDATE: ok. I'm kinda of Jonesing out...I found the EAST/WEST mini in white and navy HERE and have ordered it! I. Am. So. Excited. Now, just waiting for my wedding invitation and to dance with the Spice Girls at the wedding...

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