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frayed denim skirt outfit

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This outfit is such a mom outfit, which makes me love it even more. 

I was trying to find the perfect reason to wear this top but then I decided to seize the day and wear it on a nothing "mom day." {when I have nothing really to do and am just being a mom. This could mean I'm putting out fires, or that I've planned a fun day at the playground or a playdate, or that I've convinced the kids that a super market run is the funniest thing ever! Ya know, just being a mom!}

best gray tee

I love when I go looking for basics for the kids and throw a little something for myself in that electronic shopping cart. I didn't realize it at the time, but I accidentally ordered this tee in the tank, the short sleeve and the long sleeve. All are cut a little different, the hem being a little different on each. What is the same is this perfect marled grey color that I have worn after a workout, to church and dressed up with skinny jeans and heels for a date. I'm telling you, you need this gray of perfection in your closet. And it's under $20, no matter what tee you decide on. 

polo button down mom outfit

These kind of photos happen all the time where the kids are in the foreground, the background or completely blocking the shoes/jeans/lipliner I'm trying to share with y'all. But I do love that best honing mechanism for little ones is for Mom to simply sit down on the ground. Without fail, every single time, they will take that as an invitation to climb all over me and/or sit in my lap. The simple joys of hashtag mom life!

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