workout Wednesday: my weekly schedule

both in color 'Crushed Berry'

3.25 mile run pushing the Double Running Stroller

Sweat App: Stronger 1.0 Rep Challenge Week 4
25 minutes on the elliptical

I am loving these "extra" workouts in the Sweat App. My week hadn't restarted but I still wanted a strength workout. This took about 25 minutes and was upper body workouts with 400 repetitions. Think bicep curls with overhead press, lat pull downs, and incline pushups. 

Sweat App: Stronger 1.0 Legs Week 5 with these RESISTANCE EXERCISE BANDS on my mid thighs for the entire workout. 

As I shared on IG stories, I trying to get my workout documented {insert eye roll emoji here} and being on Instagram too much during my workout, reset the app. So I did 1.5 workouts. 

If you are unfamiliar with the app and workout concept, you do two sets, each 7 minutes long, two times through. So you do 4 sets of 7 minute circuits. Since my app reset, I did 6 sets of 7 minute circuits, doing each one three times instead of two. I had a hard time bending down the next day...

4 mile run along the water pushing Leo in the BOB STROLLER.

Sweat App: Stronger 1.0 Arms & Abs Week 5

OrangeTheory class with my bestie who is in town!

Sweat App: Stronger 1.0 Full Body Week 5

Sweat App: Stronger Weight Challenge Week 5
Think mountain climbers, jumping rope, bicep curl to a press, walking lunges, etc. It took about 30 minutes
25 minutes elliptical

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