workout Wednesday: my weekly schedule and my own gym circuit

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As I complained about on IG Stories, I finished the Sweat App week 2 in less than 7 days, so I was unable to get to the next week. Therefore, I made my own circuits, thinking of easy things to do to share for you guys, if you don't have the app, had the same problem as me, so wanted to mix it up. 

Circuit One 

-Front Lat Pull x15

{start with feet on the ground, a little wider than hips. Sit back, almost like you are squatting on the toilet  Extend arms above, reaching for the bar. Keep your arms in line with your torso, in line with your pelvis. Keeping you arms straight, pull down to a little above your knees}

-Rear Delt Row
{Using the cable machine, reach for the cable, set up at a height above your head, with staggered legs. Keeping elbow at shoulder height, pull cable back to your armpit. Return to arm extended and straight from the shoulder/}

-50 Jumping Jacks

Circuit Two

-30 sit ups on an incline
-Lat Pull Down
-Triceps Cable Extension

Circuit Three

- Lat Pull Down with Close Grip
It doesn't really matter the grip, just use a different one than you used on wide grip bar that you used on the Circuit Two for the Lat Pull Down
-Bicep Curls using the Cable
This will keep your form in check and will allow you to push yourself by using a higher weight than you normally do. 
1 // 1:30 // 2 minutes Row Machine
Increase your time each circuit through

30 minute walk on the treadmill on an incline of 5
Using 5 lbs weights, doing 15 reps of the following for 20 minutes

Lateral Shoulder Raises
Biceps Curls

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Legs Week 3
20 minutes elliptical
I actually did the stretching "cool down" in the app today and I felt amazing. I 100% normally skip it to get the day started or to start on my cardio, but I will not be skipping this in the future!

4.5 mile run 
pushing Leo in a BOB RUNNING STROLLER while Madrid was at preschool

Sweat App: BBG Strong 1.0 Arms & Abs Week 3

CorePower Yoga Sculpt Class


We had our appointment for Madrid's cast removal {yeah!} and after still rocking sore legs, from what, I'm not sure and having a gnarly workout week, {please see above}, I took the opportunity to have a rest day, is there such a thing when you are a mom?, in hopes that I will return to the gym at about 6am on a Saturday with muscles and mind ready to tackle the gym!

Sweat App: BBG Stronger 1.0 Full Body Week 3
& Dumbbell Challenge

The app had you work through different exercises for a total of 400 reps. I was thinking this would be a "quick" workout, but it took about 25 minutes. 

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