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Since buying these HIGH WAISTED JEANS, I have only taken them off to workout, shower, sleep and wash them again. I am a jeans girl and wear them with tees, cute tops and blazer. They are my uniform. So naturally, I bought these WHITE BUTTON FLY HIGH WAISTED JEANS ones too. 

If you are looking for a very similar pair that is under $100, check out these HIGH WAISTED SKINNY JEANS. These ones I have prompted on IG, my stories, the blog and to my friends. I have yet to have a friend {or reader! or both!} try them and not love them. 

Please don't forget to reach out to me if you buy either! I love hearing about you girls loving something that you have found here. 

Oh! and this PERFECT GRAY TEE {tank here, short sleeve here} is $17, super soft and perfectly drapey.

scarf jean jacket outfit

I think my caption for this post totally jinxed me for the next day. We had a serious case of the Mondays around here the next day. 
Mondays are always a little tough since the kids love being with their dad, who is extremely hands on, but Madrid was so frustrated with her cast and her limited mobility and Leo was looking for dada around every corner, so we had a difficult day. 

But I tried to remind myself to be so thankful for all the blessings in our life. It was such a stressful mom day, that I didn't totally appreciate my plan to look for Joy in everything. But two days later, I caught myself praying for gratitude for everything that was going well {happy kids, Madrid getting more mobile and the beautiful clouds in the sky. Really. I can be extremely corny. But they were really pretty after some morning rain...}. Madrid interrupted me and said, "Are you praying? Why?" and I explained to her the above. Most of the time, it is the little things that get you through the big things. 

Corny enough???

faux leather leggings outfit

These FAUX LEATHER SPANX LEGGINGS are super comfy and flattering. I tend to reach for them on days that I want to be comfy but not quite in workout leggings. I love pairing them with a long oversized cashmere sweater. 

ruffle sneakers

Original post HERE.
and it includes our bedtime routine! 

After surviving our first week with Madrid's cast, I totally deserved a mom's night out. 

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