workout Wednesday: My weekly schedule

Saturday morning classes always have such a fun energy!

Walking uphill on the treadmill while doing arm exercises with 5lb weights.
I have been using much heavier weights at OrangeTheory, CorePower Yoga and on my own at the gym, but I thought it would be a great way to change up my workouts, how much my muscles get used to lifting and a chance to tone instead of build.

I did: biceps curls, lateral raises, shoulder presses {a lot of these}, bicep curls with a shoulder press, and upright rows. 

I ran to our club gym {1.45 miles}
Did Kayla Stronger 1.0 on the Sweat App {legs} and then ran home {1.45 miles}

Ran pushing the stroller around half of the golf course in town {about 2.5 miles}
My legs were still incredibly tired from the day before...

35 minutes elliptical
Kayla Stronger 1.0 in the Sweat App, Arms and Abs Week 1

OrangeTheory 6:05am class

I had a well deserved MOPs Moms' Night Out, so I wanted to make sure to get a great workout in before overindulging in cocktails and french fries. 

 We had Madrid's follow up appointment about her broken leg. After the appointment we went shopping, so I included this Carrie Bradshaw approach of "Shopping's my Cardio" and enjoyed our day together.

After they woke from their afternoon naps, I took the two cuties and the pup {& a Solo cup of White Wine} for a sunset walk. 

BBG Stronger 1.0 Week 1 Full Body in the Sweat App
35 minutes elliptical 

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