3 items and 60 second eyes

60 second eye makeup

I saw this CREAM EYESHADOW on IG stories and forgot about it until I was walking to my car from shopping with my little ones. After our follow up appointment for Madrid's cast, our difficult nights as Madrid gets used to sleeping with her cast and the overall stress, I had caught sight of myself in the mirror more than once and scared myself. 

Why is it that being a mom always means you have to look tired while everyone else looks so cute???

I wanted a quick and easy eye look to make me look awake, but would work from preschool drop off to date night, as there is often time that I don't have a minute in between. 

-It is no secret that this UNDER EYE BRIGHTENER is my secret weapon. I quickly swiped this from the corner of my under eye to about the middle of under my eye, focusing on where my under eye circles seemed the darkest. I blended with my finger, dabbing it out to my cheek bone. 

-Next, I took the tiniest bit of this CREAM SHADOW in Marie Antoinette and dabbed it along my upper lid, starting at the inner corner and blending to the entire lid. I didn't rub it, but gently patted to fill in the whole lid. I couldn't choose between my color and the lighter color. I love Marie Antoinette, the person, so I went with this color for that reason alone...and the salesgirl told me it was better with my hair color and eyebrows.

-I finished with my favorite drugstore purchase, this VOLUMINOUS MASCARA. I started on the lower eyelashes, with a thick coat to save time needing an eyeliner. Then I did two coats of mascara on the upper lashes and Viola! ready for everything and anything a mom might have to tackle in a day!

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