workout wednesday: my weekly schedule

and covered in saw dust from playing with my three cuties at the playground


This, again, was unintentional. My kiddos spent the night at my in-laws and while I had planned to sleep in and have a peaceful morning {complete with workout}, I couldn't get to pick them up fast enough and then we had a play date with friends. After wards, everyone napped. 

15 minutes elliptical
Kayla Itsines Week 12 Abs, round 2
15 minutes elliptical

1/4 mile interval training on the treadmill
this was incredibly difficult this day. I don't know why...but I still did it for 3.2 miles

I had originally planned to get up early and get to OrangeTheory, but my husband had to get to his LA office first thing in the morning. While I was tempted to still get to a 5:00 am class {the kids would still be sleeping when I got back} I realized that this would be strongly frowned upon. {you know I'm kidding, right???}

I made my own workout using the Kayla Time Frame of 4 sets of 7 minutes increments. Do as many as you can for the entire 7 minute set. Repeat each set twice for a total of 4 sets = 28 minutes. 

First Set:
-2 minutes jump rope
-Bicep Curls x15
-Shoulder Press x15
-Bent Over Row x15
{repeat again until the 7 minutes are complete}

Second Set:
-Lat Pull Down, both arms at the same time x15
-Lat Pull Down, one arm at a time x15
-Shoulder Raises, Around the world x15
start with weights at your hips, palms with weights facing forwards, back of your hand facing your body. Raise weights overhead, making a wide circular motion with your arms, as if you are tracing a circle around your upper body.
-Wide Shoulder Press x15
start with arms at 90 degrees, with bent elbow  in front of your face, forearms straight in the air. Move elbows laterally to the outside of your body, like a goal post framing your face. Press weights overhead. Return to goal post position, then return to start, with elbows "kissing" in front of your face.

6:05am OrangeTheory

28 minutes on the lateral elliptical
This shoulder workout 


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