instagram lately: Austin, TX edition

black striped lace dress

I fell in love withTHIS BLACK LACE STRIPED DRESS in the late fall. But was trying to behave and told myself I didn't "need" is. {FYI: you always need another LBD}. When I spotted it on sale around the holidays, I couldn't purchase it quickly enough. But then I stopped breastfeeding, and it fit all weird in the chest. While I would normally use this as a reason, and a recommendation, to return it, every time I tried it on, I found myself 1. twirling and 2. finding excuses not to take it off. 

If something makes you feel this good, keep it! {especially if you found it on sale!} and take it to your tailor. Now it fits like it was custom made. 

mom travel style

Y'all. These PACKING CUBESs are Life. Changing. 

Do yourself a favor and order them now. 

We rented an AirBnB while in Austin and I found that this is easier when traveling with little ones. There is access to a full kitchen, a laundry room and multiple rooms for everyone. The ease of this versus trying to get a hotel room that works for everyone has been a little mom hack that we have picked up along the way. Plus, we had a five bedroom house for cheaper than one hotel room where the wedding was per night. Score and mom high five. 

But...the best room for the kids was the master, due to location and drapes. So...my husband and I, being the paying adults on the trip, took the small room that had no clothing storage except for a large hanging only closet. Therefore, these PACKING CUBES doubled as clothing storage for the week.  Win. Win. 

Another mom travel hack that I have learned about is renting baby equipment. Most cities will have a locally run rental business and we have used it twice, once in Sun Valley {we used BABY'S AWAY} and now in Austin {we used I LOVE BABY RENTALS}. I have nothing but amazing things to say about both companies. They are run by moms that know the travel haze with little ones all too well, that is why they created this business. I rented cribs, mattresses, pack and play and a high chair from BABY'S AWAY his summer. And we rented toys, books, a high chair, a full crib, a mini crib, mattresses, sound machines and monitors from  I LOVE BABY RENTALS in Austin. 

Mom truth. I run extremely nervous. Especially with my kiddos. So, I try to control what I can since that won't be much. Therefore I like to have what I need for them to function on schedule as much as possible. With Madrid, I probably would have gotten angry at the idea of renting baby equipment, but with two now, I realize that this is a no brainer. Plus, in Austin this most recent travel away, we rented books and a bin of toys from  I LOVE BABY RENTALS  This. Was. Amazing! The two cuties had new toys and books to play with all week, I didn't have to bring any and the price was beyond beyond worth it. I cannot recommend them, and their toy bin and book bag rental options enough!

simple all black outfit

Whenever I am unsure of the dress code for something, I always go for monochromatic or simple black. Since the rehearsal dinner was a rehearsal dinner, but at a BBQ place, and then out with all the cousins after wards, I figured all black would work for whatever we had planned. Even the food truck donuts that I spotted at the beginning of the night and talked about until we ended there...

mom and double bob stroller

I love traveling to running cities with my favorite running buddies! {my cuties and hubby}

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