makeup Tuesday: my secret under eye weapon

best under eye makeup

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my quick makeup look the other day with your favorite blogger saying..."Swipe Up!" 

These are my mommy favorite secret weapons to look wide awake. While our Littles have been sleeping through the night for about a year {and Madrid since she was about 4 month old}, there are still days that I look like I do have a newborn. Why does this amazing dream job come with the beautiful look of little sleep?

Nevertheless, I love these products for the ease of application. I don't really know how to apply face makeup and don't really like the look on me, even though I am probably most self conscious about my melasma. So, I don't like the "makeup" look {who does?}. 

I apply this STROKE OF LIGHT EYE BRIGHTENER in the corner of my under eye, then apply a line of this HIGH BROW HIGHLIGHT PENCIL along the lower lash line. I then use my ring finger to blend the both together from the inner corner of my eye to the outer corner. If it is an easy mom day, I just use my finger and rub the excess on my upper lid. If it for a night look, I initially blend with my finger then use a MAKEUP SPONGE to blend from inner corner to outer cheek bone by dabbing until blended. 

best under eye makeup

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