makeup Tuesday: my current SPF

best skinmedica spf

I have been wearing daily SPF since high school. We would sit on the grass quad at lunch and between that, field hockey practice, runs outside and horse back riding, much less living in San Diego, I more than got my Vitamin D. 

I have tried countless ones over the years and recently was introduced to SKINMEDICA ESSENTIAL DEFENSE SPF 35  I love the higher spectrum of coverage and that the SPF is 35. I found this DAILY SPF LOTION at Sprouts and I find it to be a bit heavier/ creamier/ more moisturizing, so I don't need to use another lotion with it. 

best light weight facial lotion

When I use the SKINMEDICA ESSENTIAL DEFENSE SPF 35 I love that I am protecting my skin {I put it on the back of my hand to apply, then put it on my fingers, rub it together and put it all over my face and neck. For the left over on the back of my hand, I rub the back of my hands together. That San Diego sun finds you, especially during all the mom driving I am doing!}. Yet, because it is so light, my skin still feels a little dry. If I don't use it with one of my favorite FACIAL OILS, then I layer it with this UPLIFTING CREME

Here are all my favorite light to no coverage SPF that are currently in my makeup drawer that I would recommend:

ANDALOU ULTRA SHEER DAILY DEFENSE {my husband steals this one daily!}

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