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Our bedtime routine is a little dance that we do. It has had similarities since Day One, so the kids know what is coming and there are no surprises. {you can see our daily routine in this post HERE.}

6/6:30pm :Fernando gets home from work about this time. On a good day, I've already worked out and showered earlier in the day, the kitchen is {semi} clean, I've had a chance to get some work done in my office during the kids' afternoon naps and I 've started on dinner. We have recently started using Green Chef {we do the vegan option} and my husband uses this as his thing, so if we have a meal waiting for us, I just focus on getting the kids' dinners ready.

The kids are amazing sleepers and more days than not, I have to wake the kids up about 6-630pm ish, or they are just beginning to wake up. So I use this time to get dinner situated so when I bring them downstairs for family dinner, they have dinner well prepared so they aren't grumpy!

6-7:15 pm :Family dinner! About 5 nights a week, I am organized enough that we are able to sit around the table for family dinner all together. We say Grace before we begin and the kids are old enough that they understand the ritual and we all hold hands. After dinner, the kids play, we have a family dance party and Fernando gets lots of cuddles and playing time with the kids, while I begin to clean up.

7:15 pm :I head upstairs to start the bath, clean out the kids cribs {I give them toys during their nap, but I remove them at bedtime to give them more cuddle space}, straighten up their rooms and get their pjs set out. 

7:20 pm :Bath time! Both kiddos get in the bath in Leo's room together. It took Leo about 8 months to realize he liked the bath, so I try to get him in there ASAP so he can play and splash around. We wash the kids' hair about every other day.

After the bath, we brush both of the kids teeth {Madrid's FLUORIDE FREE TOOTHPASTE} {Leo's TODDLER TOOTHPASTE} then we have what we call a secret, "Secret Lotion Party," {based off of THIS BOOK}. We use this LOTION

7:30-7:45pm :We put on diapers {NIGHTTIME DIAPER}, pajamas and read books. After about 2-3 books, I sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star {all verses found here}. I have been singing this song to both kids since the very beginning while I nursed them as they feel asleep, so they are fully aware that this song means bedtime. I have even tried to sing this song during the day and Madrid will tell me, "No, Mama. That song is for Nighttime." We put both kids down in their cribs, wide awake. Leo has this chandelier with a dimmer and Madrid has this one. She likes hers all the way dimmed, while Leo prefers a darkened room. Different kids like different things!

We leave their rooms, high-five and head to the kitchen. We finish cleaning and then have a glass of wine together, rendezvous on the couch for the Olympics, The Bachelor or each get some work done. 

Sometimes, the kids are asleep before we get downstairs. Sometimes we watch them on their BABY MONITORS roll around, read a book or sing to themselves. But since both kids are aware of the bedtime routine, it happens {roughly} at the same time everyday and they know what is coming, we never have tears at bedtime! 

I am a firm believer in a schedule for kids. They need structure. They need to know what to expect and they need a schedule to feel confident. This works for us. I like to know that I need to be home by 2 pm for the afternoon nap and by 7pm for bedtime. Our kids have been sleeping through the night from 22 weeks and 6 months, respectively. We have always put them in their cribs wide away and might get tears maybe once a month. Considering I put Leo down three times a day {2 naps and one bedtime} and Madrid twice a day, this is actually phenomenal when dealing with a 1 and 3 year old. 

I understand that this thought doesn't work for everyone nor every mom. This works for me. I like structure in my life. I like to know what is coming and have control over my day. Again, dealing with a 1 and 3 year old, this can be difficult. But then I know if the rest of the day goes to sh*t, then I know that nap time will go off with a hitch and bedtime, while it can be crazy, it will happen seamlessly and the kids will go to bed happy. 

Happy babies, happy momma. 

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