workout Wednesday : my weekly schedule and Increased speed interval training

I did this treadmill workout last week and was never bored, out of breathe when it was over and dripping sweat! What else could you want from a workout?!?

Last week I discussed why I love interval training {see the post here}. Do not feel the pressure to do the speeds I do. If you are more of a slogger {a slow jogger}, then do the speed you are comfortable with. If you are just staring out and trying this type of workout for the first time ever or for the first time in a long time, start with walking and increase your speeds slowly.

Increased Speed Interval Treadmill Training

first 2 minutes : walk at 2% incline at 3.8mph or higher
2:00 minutes : start at 5.7 mph, or wherever you are comfortable
This is my slow jog, a warm up and a speed that I could easily hold for an hour. Pick your own that suits you!

Every 30 seconds, increase the speed by 0.1mph until you hit your goal.
Mine is 7.5-7.7
This is a push for me, not an all out sprint, because it is nearly impossible to get to a sprint with this slow increase in speed. You will be struggling even if you aren't anywhere near your "sprint."

Hold your goal for a minute.

Every 30 seconds, decrease speed by 0.1 mph until you get back to your start speed.

Next, increase your speed by 0.1 mph every 20 seconds until you are back at your top speed.
Hold your top speed for a minute.
Decrease until you get to your starting speed.

If you want to increase your distance, start the interval again, increasing your speed by 0.1mph every 15 seconds and then every 10. These last two intervals will be much quicker and thus harder due to the quicker pace to which you are reaching your max.

CorePower Yoga Sculpt with my bestie!

3.5 mile run outside

Kayla Itsines Week 6 Arms and Abs, second time through

the above Interval Training

Kayla Itsines round 2 of Week 6 : Abs & Cardio

40 minutes Elliptical

Quick Shoulder Workout:
go through 3 times without resting

Bicep curls 15x 12 lbs weight
Shoulder raises 15x 12 lbs weight 
{start with elbows at shoulder height and forearms straight, creating a goal post with your arms. Raise until your arms are straight and then return to start, not letting your elbows drop below your shoulders}
Chest press 15x 12 lbs weights
{Start in the same position as the shoulder raise above. Bring elbows to touch in front of your chest and return to the "goal post" arm position to start}

Try to do all three exercises without breaking form or breaking. If your arms feel like jell-o after one set {mine did} have a quick rest before you start again. 

Kayla Itsines round 2 Week 6 Legs and Cardio
I added a dead lift into my mix and I couldn't walk for about a week.
Chose a weight between 10-30 lbs. The exercise might feel extremely easy, but your hamstrings will be shaking for the rest of the day and you might not be able to walk for a couple of days. 

Standing upright, hold the weight in front of you at your pelvis. With you butt slight sticking out and your back stick rod straight, lower the weight in front of you like you might place it on the ground until your back in parallel with the ground. Have soft knees and a mirror to check that your shoulders are not dipping below your hips. Return to your standing start. 

CorePower Yoga Sculpt

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