velvet bow

I couldn't purchase these VELVET BOW FLATS quickly enough.

When I stumbled upon them on Pinterest from the fashion week runway, I thought that with that perfectly oversized, dramatic bow, they were a stage piece that wouldn't make it to retail that I would have burning a hole on my wish list. I literally was stumbling over myself when I found them in my size this fall. The one good thing about our extremely over heated late fall and winter here in San Diego, was I was wearing flip flops and hadn't yet had something that I deemed 'velvet appropriate.' 

Well, lucky me! Because then I score them on 30% off sale for Cyber Monday and was shocked that I tended towards the black than my normally obvious choice of navy. 

And lucky for you they are currently on sale HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. {high heel version available HERE and HERE. if you are unable to find the combination of size and color on sale, there are more size options available HERE but not currently on sale.}

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