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As you saw on my Insta Stories last week, I have recently fallen in love with MAPLE HOLISTIC shampoo. Honestly, my hair has never felt better, been shinier and holds a curl better than ever. I hate to admit it, but before...I tended to use shampoo that I can purchase at the grocery store. I know that these products are full of chemicals, including cancer causing products but I always figured how different can shampoo really be?

Well, MAPLE HOLISTICS has me convinced that there is BIG difference!

Not only can I not believe how different my hair is, I love that you don't need conditioner, one less product you are buying, one less product in your shower and one less product on your body! If after two weeks, my hair feels this awesome, I can't wait to see how my hair feels after I finish the bottle.

This is the shampoo that I am currently using {this is the conditioner that I haven't tried, or needed!} but I am excited to try this one next. But honestly, my current shampoo is the smallest never ending bottle, ever! I haven't needed to wash my hair as much but I am still surprised how long it has lasted! Also, I don't suffer from dandruff or dry scalp, but I still love the difference that my hair has shown. And I can not believe that that photo is my hair!

Thank you to Maple Holistic for sponsoring this post. 
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