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mom and daughter

This photo was taken after a magical Saturday eating at Our Country Club. We have recently been making it a weekend habit to head there with the kids after a morning of getting house stuff down and each taking our turn to sneak away to get a workout in. We are still in awe of where we live and love our gratitude filled life. Plus, the kiddos love running on the grass after lunch...
You can see Madrid giving me a hug in this photo and the hint of a smile on her profile. 

jean shorts outfit

I wish I remember what I was thinking when my Instagram husband snapped this shot. But this expression was perfect for how I felt about returning to real life after a magical Christmas season. 

I thought this STAR AND TULLE TOP was perfect for New Year's Eve, but to be honest, I ended up wearing a cocktail dress but I love this top with distressed denim and feminine pumps or pumps. 

striped ruffle sleeve dress

This dress and shoes sold out, but I have included budget friendly similar options below.  

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