workout wednesday: Current favorite green smoothie and my weekly schedule

best protein green smoothie

I also just ordered this chocolate protein powder

I love a green smoothie.

Even I am out and about and stop to get one, I always ask for extra spinach. You can't taste it and it gives you an extra boost of iron, protein and all the other awesome things that spinach provides. While I have loved a peanut butter banana smoothie for years, I can not get enough of this smoothie now and crave it all day long. {I had one this morning and I might have to go make another!}

- Coconut water
-Frozen Mango
-Nub of peeled fresh Ginger
-Pinch of Cayenne Pepper
-Pinch of Turmeric
-Filtered Water 


-Spinach: I normally do a helping handful and then whatever leaves fell out when I was grabbing.
-Mango: If this fruit isn't your jam, grab something else. Try 1/2 banana or a small handful of berries. I do about enough to fit into my palm
-Ginger: I love the taste of this in my smoothie! I add about an 1inch peel nub, but maybe try a little less while you get used to the mix of this flavor
-Spices: I tip each bottle over the cup once
-Water: For whatever reason, my BULLET BLENDER wasn't having it this morning so I had to go back and add more water to make the smoothie more of a smoothie than an ice cream constituency. If you want more of a smooth taste, add unsweetened almond milk. If you want to save on calories, skip the coconut water and just do regular water

CorePower Yoga Sculpt

3.35 miles run outside with Leo and McKinley


Kayla Itsines Week 8 round 2 Abs & Arms

OrangeTheory 6am class

Kayla Itsines Week 8 round 2 Abs & Cardio

3.5 mile run pushing the double stroller
and McKinley's last run

4 mile walk pushing the stroller, going up every hill I could find in our neighborhood!


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  1. Love your workout Wednesday posts! They're keeping me motivated for the new year


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