Workout Wednesday: my weekly schedule & 45 second Interval training

best 7/8 workout legging
UPF TANK // my favorite ever! 7/8 LEGGING // RUNNING SOCKS and my little boy's toy car

As I said in my IG Stories yesterday, I came up with the below interval training after being inspired by my recent frequent visits to OrangeTheory. I would have loved to wake up before everyone yesterday morning to sneak in a class and be back during breakfast, but because I have been going so much lately, I have a gnarly blister on my palm and wouldn't be able to do the rowing machine interval at 100% {what a smug workout thing to say, am I right?!}

Therefore, I thought I would attempt to recreate my own little treadmill interval training, with 45 second increments. 

minutes 0-2
warm up at your starting pace
mine is 5.7mph

minutes 2-2:45
increase by adding at least 1.0mph to your starting pace
mine was 7.5mph

minutes 2:45-3:30
sprint at whatever speed you can handle
my first increment was 8.3 mph

minutes 3:30-4:15
return to your starting pace
mine was 6.0mph

Repeat for at least 3 miles.
I included a list of times with my speeds at the bottom of this post if your rather not decided for yourself.

Repeat, changing your middle and sprint speeds, as needed. Push yourself! But don't feel bad to mix in an increment where you go much slower. I did this for 3 miles and felt like I got a great workout in under 28 minutes. If you are a new treadmiler or are getting back into working out for the first time in a long time or for the first time, ever, don't be too hard on yourself! Here are some starting goals:

1. start slow {walk}
2. make a goal for a low time {10minutes} or low distance {0.75 miles} and know that you will improve the next time and over time.
3. be proud of YOURSELF for making the commitment, for however little time you did, and be proud that you set up a little you time and crushed the beginning of the pavement of the road to being a treadmill enthusiatist, like me!

CorePower Yoga Sculpt 60 minutes class


25 minutes walking uphill on the treadmill 
while doing shoulder presses and bicep curls with 5 lbs wights



6 am CorePower Yoga Sculpt 60 minute class

CorePower Yoga Sculpt

minutes 0-2: 5.7mph
2-2:45: 7.5mph
2:45-3:30: 8.3mph
3:30-4:15: 6mph
4:15-5: 7.7mph
5-5:45: 8.5mph
5:45-6:30: 5.7mph
6:30-7:15: 7.4mph
7:15-8: 8.2mph
8-8:45: 5.9mph
8:45-9:30: 7mph
9:30-10:15: 8mph
10:15-11: 6mph
11-11:45: 7.7mph
11:45-12:30: 7.9mph
12:30-13:15: 6.2mph
13:15-14: 7.5mph
14-14:45: 8.4mph
14:45-15:30: 5.6mph
15:30-16:15: 7.2mph
16:15-17: 7.9mph
17-17:45: 5.9mph
17:45-18:30: 7.7mph
18:30-19:15: 8.2mph
19:15-20: 5.7mph
20-20:45: 7.5mph
20:45-21:30: 8.5mph
21:30-22:15: 5.9mph
and so on...


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