1/2 zip

Patagonia half zip

Patagonia half zip outfit

white ripped jeans outfit

monogrammed tote bag outfit

barrington st. anne tote

barrington st. anne tote

barrington st. anne tote

This company is one that I recommend all the time. Their totes are amazing, but I feel in love with them when I was sent their diaper bag. As you saw on my Instagram Stories before Christmas, I couldn't resist and got myself this, but picking a monogram is more difficult than you would think. 

Check out my Instagram tonight to check out the pattern and monogram I picked!

this post isn't sponsored and I planned to share a post on mom guilt or why I didn't make a New Year's resolution, but #bloggertruth, I was watching The Bachelor on Wednesday night {we were too crazy busy to watch it before then} and I was exhausted and had a hard time focusing...

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