Workout Wednesday : 1/4 mile interval training and my weekly schedule

navy workout legging

^ after I did the following quarter mile interval training. You can see the post run high all over my face! NAVY 7/8 LEGGINGS

As you have seen, I like to keep my workouts different and fun, but juggling #momlife and two businesses, fitting in a workout can be difficult. Sometimes I have to wake up at 5:30am, sometimes I have to make the kids think that we are playing while I do an ab workout. 

With Madrid, my 3 year old daughter, in pre-school twice a week and Leo still napping twice a day, normally I drop Madrid off, cover her in kisses and race to get Leo home for his nap. With a minute to myself {well, almost two hours}, I try to prioritize, not get distracted by checking "just one quick email" and head straight to the treadmill to get an interval training in. I watch shows that I only allow myself to watch on the treadmill so I don't have an excuse, even on those days that I don't feel like it. Show examples have been The Good Wife, Scandal and Designated Survivor. 

Below is one of my favorite 1/4 mile intervals. This is a great way to get a quick but extremely effective workout. I love running, but I know that not everyone does. Nevertheless, even I get bored on the treadmill. By switching it up either every minute, with this workout, or every quarter mile, with the below interval workout, you will not be bored! You will  be dripping sweat and getting a great workout!

Quarter Mile Interval Training

Distance 0-0.25 miles
Walk for warm up about 2 minutes than a base pace
try 5.7-6 mph

Distance 0.25-0.5 miles
Sprint for a 1/4 mile
try 6.5mph

Distance 0.5-0.75 miles
Add 0.1-0.3mph to your starting pace
try 5.8-6.3 mph

Distance 0.75-1 mile
sprint for 1/4 mile 
Add 0.1-0.3 mph to your first sprint
try 6.6-6.8mph

Distance 1-1.25 miles
Add 0.1-0.3mph to the last 'rest'
try 5.9-6.6mph

Distance 1.25-1.5 miles
spring for 1/4 mile
Add 0.1-03mph to your second sprint
try 6.7-7.1mph

and so on...

Continue for at least 3 miles!

50 minutes elliptical

Arm Workout 3 times through:

Bench Press 15 lbs weight x15
Bench Flys 15 lbs x 15
Bicep Curls 15lbs x15

Side to side dips with 15 lbs x 15 each side
20-30 full sit ups on include

Sunday :
This interval treadmill training but walking.

Kayla Itsines Week 3 Legs & Cardio
{still sore}

Running interval training for 4 miles

Kayla Itsines Week 3 Arms & Abs

Treadmill interval training for 3 miles
As I said on Insta Stories, I changed the mph and incline with each minute because I was short on time and wanted a quick but efficient workout. Plus, this makes sure I never get bored!

Day Off

Kayla Itsines Week 3 Total Body
35 minutes elliptical
 I switched up the order and did Kayla first and cardio second. My legs were Jell-O.

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