pleated velvet

If you haven't caught on, I'm all about easy dressing. 

The holidays are stressful enough between decorating and celebrating, that I love being a resource for  dressing ideas. Surely you already have a cozy cashmere sweater and pair of party ready heels in your closet that you can easily pair with this VELVET PLEATED SKIRT {$23!!!}. I originally purchased it without trying it on, thinking I could pair it with my ruffle sneakers and a boyfriend chambray. 

Our current holiday struggle is probably just like all of yours': trying to fit it all in. In my MOPs meeting {Moms of Preschoolers}, we had an interesting discussion about not trying to fit it all in. The weeks after Thanksgiving and before the 25th are quick and jam packed. Our speaker recommended to focus on three things and everything else is extra. The example that she gave was her husband's family friendly party, a celebration with her groups of friends and something that they were going to do just as a family. If you make time for all the little things, you don't focus the big things and stress will over come you. 

We have my husband's side of the family all coming to San Diego for the first time since I have joined the family. Normally they are scattered between Texas and Mexico, but they will be joining us to celebrate this year. While this might sound overwhelming, especially since our new digs allow the space to accommodate 35+ people coming to celebrate, I have chosen that this is something that I only look at and think about in a positive light. Yes, it will be stressful, but it will be more fun than stress. Yes, we will have to figure out how to feed everyone, but everyone loves to cook and knows that I do not. The most important reason for the season is Jesus and family and I will have my heart full with both. 

Something that was causing us stress was our attempt to do a holiday party {no kids!} for our friends to see our new house and to celebrate a fun, stressful, scary, sad, blessed 2017. Per my discussion in my MOPs meeting, this is something that I decided was too hard to fit in the next couple of weeks. We have tabled this idea for after the New Year or quite possibly, closer to Valentine's Day. A great example that you truly can have it all this time of year, it just doesn't have to be in the next couple of weeks. 

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