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moto leggings and sweater

I recently fell in love with moto leggings, as seen in my Workout Wednesday posts. So just because I had already worked out and showered, this didn't stop me from paring these HUNTER GREEN MOTO LEGGINGS with my favorite monogrammed cashmere. 

white long cardigan outfit
I am totally in love with open front cardigans and this one is my latest obsession. I have it in navy and this white and have worn it with everything from workout gear to over my favorite button down. 

My husband loves to emplacement a "uniform" and therefore has this shirt multiple times over in white and light blue, so Madrid was concerned all day that I had on "dada's" shirt and asked me about it at almost every time he looked at me. Toddler's are the cutest and say the funniest things!

rue saint honore t-shirt

This shirt has me at Bonjour. And VELVET OPEN FRONT CARDIGAN is too good, I got one for the nanny as well! It is beyond cozy and luxe that I was not only shocked where I got it from but also the price. 

burgundy back pack and moto leggings

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Y'all know that I love a great monochromatic look, so it was only a matter of time that this morphed over into my workout gear. Plus, this color was called 'Hunter' so I naturally loved it. As seen in my recent shopping haul, you saw how cute this FUNNEL NECK SWEATSHIRT is with jeans as well. Add it to your Christmas list. Santa will approve. 

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