Workout Wedneday : how to stay motivated and my weekly schedule

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I know that this time of year is hard to keep motivated to stay on track. Below are some tips that I do to make sure to make the time for my workout.

1. A workout calendar - I get a cheap calendar with the month layout and write down the workout that I completed each day. It makes it fun to track how dedicated you have been, monitor what you have been doing to mix it up and keep you motivated on a day you don't feel like it!

2. Apple Watch- while this is an investment, I do not feel like I have accomplished much unless I have meet my steps for the day!

3. A workout buddy - they don't have to physically workout in the same room with you. The first time I completed Kayla, I did it with some friends that don't live in the same city as me. By keeping each other motivated with text messages and updates as to what workout we were on, it kept it fun and everyone on track!

4. New Workout Gear - if it is new and cute, you will be more inclined to put it on, which can be the hardest part.

5. Try a new workout with a friend- I have been curious about Orange Theory for years. But not until the months before my brother's wedding, when him and his bride got a membership did I give it a try. With a buddy that was also new to the workout, we could check in with each other and meet for a class when our schedules coincided. 

6. Work it out with Child care. - I had a friend {with no kiddos of her own} come into town recently. She had the great idea of meeting up at a workout class {OrangeTheory} and a coffee after. This knocked so many things off my 'To Do' list: workout, check, girlfriend time, check, me time, check. Coordinate a you playdate, meeting up with a friend for a beach walk or your favorite workout class. 

Kayla Itsines Week 3 Total Body
35 minutes elliptical
 I switched up the order and did Kayla first and cardio second. My legs were Jell-O.

4 mile run outside alone!

Kayla Itsines Week 4 Legs & Cardio

This treadmill interval training. 

Kayla Itsines Week 4 Arms & Abs

6am CorePower Yoga Sculpt, with my favorite instructor!

Kayla Week 4 Total Body

OrangeTheory 6 am class

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  1. cool post, i basically am doing the same! I've had some health issues so its hard for me to move around much but I'm planning on doing atleast 30 min of walking even if i have to do it myself but i used a bullet journal and my sister since i can bride her with breakfast afterwards lol but great tips even a new outfit gives you so much motivation !


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