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best luxury gifts

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I would like a luggage upgrade. Who wouldn't???

a true gift of luxury

perfect for the difficult to shop for on you list, the person who has everything or someone you might not want to give an intimate gift to, but still want to be thoughtful.

great for all seasons 

I have the diaper bag, but have added this cosmetic case on my list. And I highly recommend this monogram wallet key chain {I got it for myself last year}.

always on my Wish List!

what women would every not appreciate this?

buy it preloved to save some $$$

I don't quite understand this price point, but love the look of these retro round glasses. 

for the monogrammed obsessed or the shoe horse

 my mom got me this for a push present for my daughter to use for nursery nursing snuggles. I have since stolen it for our room. 

the classic Cinderella shoe. Literally, what women wouldn't gasp in joy with this under the tree?

for the new arrival! This was my first ever baby gift for my first pregnancy and in this neutral color, both children have worn it countless times. We have a size 9 months, but it still works for both kiddos!

great for the boys! or the person with an upcoming race to train for! The runner on your list...truly thoughtful for anyone. 

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