Workout Wednesday : Weekly Schedule & Why I tell myself I workout 7 days a week

running mom and double stroller
{during our morning family run on vacation this August}
hat : old TCU hat // tee : GRAY TEE // jacket : LULULEMON DEFINE JACKET // leggings : BEST NAVY 7/8 LEGGING // shoes : WHITE NIKE I go up 1/2 size for running and these are currently 25% off.  // stroller : DOUBLE BOB RUNNING STROLLER

I didn't work out 7 days last week. 

This wasn't intentional, but everyone slept in on Sunday so after breakfast, the girls quickly got ready for church, then I went to hang with my dad. When I returned to the house, Leo was up and we decided to get brunch as a family which was promptly followed by a nap! So, yes, I was feeling guilty, but then I thought about the good : my good workout week instead of the bad: that I had donuts on Saturday and didn't make working out a priority on Sunday.

I also told myself that I would wake up early on Monday morning and push myself through a Kayla Itsines ab workout, which I did and I am almost still sore.

I like to set goals when working out. I don't make it a weight goal, but more a set goal such as working out hard before a wedding, decreasing a mile time, using heavier weights than the class before in CorePower, etc. I have found that setting a number goal on the scale is 1. not realistic 2. not healthy for me, I end up cutting out meals instead of focusing on working out more and 3. should not be an ultimate goal. Yes, I am in the best shape of my life, which coincidentally has also been the lowest I've every been on the scale. but what is MOST important is that I have never felt better.

I feel strong that I worked out through two back to back pregnancies, that I ran until I was 8 months pregnant with the first and 6 months with the second. That I have a healthy positive self image for quite possibly the first time in my life. I give the kids the credit.

No, I don't look in the mirror every time or even everyday and love every inch of what I see. Yes, I am still completely self conscious of love handles, my champagne belly and back fat, but again, I am healthier than I have ever been and I am thankful for all my blessings, my health, my life and body, problem areas and all, which has given us the greatest gift of two adorable, happy, healthy cuties.

Saturday : 
CorePower Yoga Sculpt at 7:30 am

Sunday : 

Monday : 
Kayla Itsines week 10 abs

Tuesday :
treadmill intervals for 3.5 miles
{I did another interval workout, but see one of my interval workout in this post here.}

Wednesday :
45 minutes elliptical
Kayla Itsines week 10 arms

Thursday : 
CorePower Yoga Sculpt 60 min class

Friday :
Kayla Itsines week 11 legs

Saturday :
CorePower Yoga Sculpt at 7:30am
{I was planning on going to Orange Theory but this class time worked out better with our Saturday plans so I could get home for my husband to also get his workout in.}


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