mommy monday

personalized zip pouch

These are too cute to not have in your diaper bag or car. The uses for ours change daily: change of clothes, daily snacks, pool gear, etc. I love the way you can pick the color, font and size so that your essentials are easy to find and keep organized, any mom's dream! As you saw on my Insta Stories from over the weekend, I used them to clean out my minivan that tends to look like a toy store, grocery store hybrid on most days. I have put all of each child's items from the car in their respective pouches to make 1. for an easy time fining items of theirs and 2. to make so my minivan doesn't like a child tornado. It has worked so far this week!

The uses for these do not have to be limited to just moms. If you are like me and staring to think about your gift list, these would be great to order for anyone on your list now. The lead time is a couple of weeks, but I always prefer a personalized gift.

Yellow gold jewelry has always had my heart. Maybe it is because my grandmother always wore the most original pieces, each with a story behind them, all in yellow gold. These necklaces aren't as priceless as my grandmother's pieces, but with special little names on them, I love them worn close to my heart. Wore alone or layered all together, I love the way they look with a cocktail dress and my mommy workout clothes uniform.

mama's mirac-oil

I love the use of face oils that is exploding everywhere! When I was pregnant both times, I would rub a copious amount of coconut oil all over my belly and would wipe the excess off on my face. My husband would love at me like I was crazy because 1. I smelled like a bakery and 2. he would ask, "aren't you going to break out like crazy?" I never did. My friend and fellow mom to two little ones, Carly from The Preggers Pantry makes her own oil that she swears is a cure all, miracle oil. While I don't look like the 24 that I was promised I would look like, I do love the way my skin feels. I put a couple of drops under my makeup or daily sunscreen or a more generous amount after my toner before bed.

monogrammed cashmere sweaters

While the rest of the Northern Hemisphere is enjoying fall, here in San Diego, I daily look at my cashmere monogrammed sweaters, hoping that I will get to wear them every again...{I'm so dramatic!} I feel like these are a mommy must have because they are immediately chic, whether paired with skinny jeans for play dates, faux leather leggings for a mommy night out or layered over workout gear.

mini melissa glitter shoes

Madrid calls these her "glitter shoes," and wears them daily. I bought them for her new school year thinking that they would go with everything in her closet. Is there  anything gold glitter doesn't match? While I was unaware of the shoe policy of wearing socks, these do look cute with and without socks. Plus, how can you ignore the ease of Velcro and that they come in five glitter options?

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