workout Wednesday: my thoughts on Kayla and my weekly schedule

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I had tried Kayla Itsines workouts after I had Madrid, but quickly found out I was pregnant with Leo and the workouts are very core based. In August, I began to start them again, hoping to be consistent, and found that in a quick 28 minutes, I was sweaty, extremely sore the next day and felt like I had completed a good workout. As a runner, this is hard to find! This isn't sponsored, but I wanted to share what has made me feel like I am in better shape, better emotional shape and has made getting a quick but extremely efficient workout work for me. And...

I have abs.

Yes, I know that to keep your internal organs inside your body, everyone has abs, but mine are visible for quite possibly the first time in my life. And I give Kayla Itsines all the credit.

I know that a million bloggers, some that dedicate all their photos and content to tracking their Kayla workouts exist, so I am not going to reinvent the wheel and start documenting what I eat everyday. But these Kayla workouts have made my workouts stay on track, make me feel like I am getting something done in a limited time and have made me have visible abs for the first time ever.

I can't help but think what amazing changes I would have seen if I had been more consistent this summer and beginning of the fall. The idea behind these workouts is you do them three times a week, along with cardio {find one of my treadmill intervals here. and another in this post}. For my schedule, sometimes I would do them once a week, sometimes four, always keeping track and trying to do them in the intended order. Let me tell you, I am still convinced that Week 1 Legs is the hardest!

By fitting them into my other workouts, getting back into CorePower, my favorite weekly/ bi-weekly runs and the amazing travels we had this summer, I felt that on days that I "didn't have time," or didn't feel like it, or were traveling, I knew that I could modify the workouts. By knowing that I could get them done in a quick 28 minutes, and for the first couple of weeks, with limited gear, it kept the idea of doing it for 12 weeks attainable. Truth: in Sun Valley, I used logs from the fireplace for weights and various furniture to get the workout done. {think tricep dips on the coffee table, step ups on the fireplace.}

This is not sponsored but I know that if you follow other bloggers, or have a workout regime somewhat in your daily life, you probably have heard of Kayla Itsines. While I used images that I found on Pinterest and put them in order, I have heard that the app is extremely user friendly, with included modifications if you don't have any equipment. Below is the short list of things that I do have in our home gym:

-treadmill {and I kind of want to add a rower...}
-weights : 15 lbs, 8 lbs and 5 lbs
-elastic bands
-workout step this is I purchased after realizing how much I would use it for the Kayla workouts. I use this instead of a bosu ball in week 10-12
-workout mat

Saturday :
37 minutes elliptical
Kayla Itsines Week 12 Abs

Sunday :
CorePower Yoga 2 75 minutes

Monday :
Kayla Itsines Week 12 Arms {my last workout of the first 12 weeks!}

Wednesday :
45 minutes elliptical
Arms :
Set One x 3
Bench press 15 lbs x 15
Shoulder press 15 lbs x 15
In & Out Bicep 15 lbs x 15
Regular bicep curl with weights in front of you, 
when you go down, bring your arms out to the side and elbows are in your side
and curl again
this is one rep
Shoulder girdle 12 lbs x15
bring arms to 90 degrees, crossing in front of your body at about the belly button
Alternate crossing wrists over each other when they meet at the center of the body 

Set Two x 3
 Regular bicep curls 15 lbs x 15
Bench Pull 15 lbs x 15 each side
Back flat, parallel to the ground
Right arm and right knee rest on the bench, weight in left arm and left leg on the ground
Keep arm close to the body and pull weight up to the armpit, this is one rep

Thursday :
5 mile trail run

Friday :
Kayla Itsines Week 1 Arms & Abs

CorePower Yoga Sculpt

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