5 items for 2 minute makeup

easy fall makeup

I originally took a selfie to show you this look. But the light, the wet hair and the family waiting in the car to go to Sunday brunch made the photo look less than flattering and that maybe I should stop priding myself on being the only person I know my age that hasn't tried Botox and maybe make my first appointment. {Trust me, I've been curious and even make an initial appointment last fall to discuss options. Little did I know, and contrary to what you see in celebrities, when you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is illegal to get Botox, due to unknown effects.}

Nevertheless, I wanted to share this easy and chic fall look that I did in less than two minutes. First, I applied this GLOSSIER HIGHLIGHTER on my check bones and kind of where your smile lines are around your eyes, if you have them like me. I rubbed it in and blended with my finger. Then I used my new DIOR VOLUMIZING MASCARA, my first designer mascara in at least 8 years. {this one is my favorite drugstore buy.} I then applied this BRONZER on my check bones, focusing on the wide part of my face. Lips are next with using my all time favorite and most used item in my makeup bag, LIP LINER in EDGE TO EDGE. I finished off the look with this MATTE LIPSTICK in HONEYLOVE, focusing on the middle of the bottom lip and blending your lips together. Finish with another coat of mascara, if needed and viola! You are ready for everything from preschool drop off to date night!

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