Wednesday Workout : My Favorite YouTube Workout Videos

^^from Monday morning in the gym after Kayla!

Before I began this cycle of Kayla Istines {my first that I have every gone all the way through!}, I would heavily rely on free workout motivation from YouTube. On days I didn't have the mommy time to get to the gym, outside for a run by myself or simply motivated to get a workout in, I would rely on my favorite three videos, linked below. I would do a mash up of these three, or if I was wanting to stick with a muscle group, I would simply type in the search bar "Tone It Up Abs" or "Tone It Up Arms."

Reasons I love these videos: the girls are cute and motivational, the videos are short, the exercises are awesome and it is free! I always always recommend these to women that I hear say don't have time or want to start working out. You can do these anywhere and fit them in your day, at any time. Yes, there has been days that I have done one video and days I have done five. It is all about making working out a priority for you, and making the priority fit into your life.

For me, I like to workout in the morning. I like to get it off my 'To Do' List and then I don't feel like it is hanging over my head. I have learned that if I don't get it done first thing or during Leo's morning nap, I have a hard time getting motivated to workout in the evening, even with these easy videos. My mom, on the other hand, likes to workout in the afternoon. This is the time that she doesn't feel rushed and can enjoy her workout and she has made this a priority her entire life.

Make the workout at the time of day that you like best. Unsure? Try at least three days getting it done in the morning and at least three days at other times that work for you. Maybe you rather tag team with your partner and let them clean up after dinner so you can go to the gym in the evenings. Maybe your partner can take over breakfast duty with the little ones so you can hit the gym first thing in the morning and not have to cut it short to be back when the cuties wake up. My point is, make it a priority. We are all busy. We all don't have time. But I hope that this post and these videos will make your workouts easier, more motivated and something you look forward to!

BIKINI ARMS WORKOUT {about 11 minutes}


BEST 10 MINUTE ABS {10 minutes, duh!}

Saturday :
CorePower Yoga Sculpt 60 min class

Sunday :
Treadmill intervals for 2 miles
{I normally try to run 3-5 miles, but I was running late to church and I was extremely sore from my gnarly workout week the week before.}

Monday :
Kayla Itsines week 11 Abs

Tuesday :
4 mile run outside first thing in the morning, by myself!

Wednesday :
Kayla Itsines Week 11 Arms

Thursday :
CorePower Yoga Sculpt {6am!}

Friday : 
Kayla Itsines Week 12 Legs

Saturday :
37 minutes elliptical
Kayla Itsines Week 12 Abs

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