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I like the BEAUTYCOUNTER #2 FACE OIL because of the name, "Plumbing" making me feel like I am making my face look younger. Plus, this company is heading the movement on safer products in the United States, making changes in legislation that will limit the amount of toxins  allowed in consumer products. With attention disorders, fertility issues and autism all on the rise, there are studies that are showing with extreme exposure to toxins in food and products, I can stand behind any company that is trying to make our world safer. Plus this company empowers women and their products are amazing. I wish this product wasn't $68 because otherwise I might bathe in it. 

This MAMA'S MIRAC-OIL is made by a friend and fellow mama Carly from The Pregger's Pantry. She, and her feed, has given me confidence to make things I wouldn't think of for my little ones that are healthy and yummy! Her new venture with this oil is something that she is extremely passionate about and she has done her research to provide ingredient that will make your skin softer and smoother. I like that it is completely different from other oils in the delicious lemon smell. I love how my skin feels after I use it the previous night, lush and ready for the day. Plus, the price can't be beat: $25!

This CLARIN'S FACE OIL was a gift after visiting a girlfriend who had the best products in her guest suite. She was helping me get my stuff together and saw me taking a picture of this oil and told me to take it with me. I was so in love with it after using it all weekend, I didn't object! I love the feeling of this oil, the smell is beyond divine and I love that it isn't too greasy. This makes my skin the least shiny of any of the oils in today's post. And the bottle is too pretty that I leave it out on my bathroom counter.

I found this line at my local Sprouts and love it! They were having a crazy sale on beauty that day, so I used this chance to stock up, so get excited to see a lot of this brand. This NATURAL GLOW FACE OIL is great as, it is intended for your entire body. I have used it on my nails after a get manicure and on my hair after curling it a couple days in a row.  Plus, anything with "brightening" in the name has me hooked, as I am still self conscious of my pigmentation on my face from two back to back pregnancies. I have tried some other products from this line and love them so far. Stayed tuned for when I share more!

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