Workout Wednesday : Weekly schedule and getting back into yoga

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I am excited to start sharing with you my weekly workouts. Working out is a huge passion of mine, a priority in my day to day life and something that I think that I have only mentioned on the blog a handful of times! You won't find me meal prepping or mixing protein powder with much of anything. You won't find me squatting more pounds that I weigh or bragging about how much I can curl. But I love working out.

These posts will touch on anything and everything you want to hear about but I have some ideas: how to get into running/ why I love running, being obese in college, ways to stay motivated, being a vegetarian, favorite workout leggings, etc!

As you can tell from my schedule below, I have recently got back into yoga and went three times last week. CorePower is my favorite and I give their yoga sculpt class and my Bob running stroller all the credit for making me lose the baby weight in record time. I don't fashion myself a yogi, and don't love all the self empowerment talk, but I do love the loud music, the teacher yelling and being in the front of the class.

I used to go every Saturday with my mom and sister in law each time the kiddos were little. It was my "me" time and one hour a week where I could be away from the newborn confident because they were with my husband. It was my only time away from the baby all week in the beginning and I loved the girl time and the hour to listen to techno and literally, sweat my face off.

As I said on Insta Stories recently, I have kind of hit a slump, a point in my weekly workouts where I have to really have a conversation to get it done. Maybe it was because I was seeing such amazing results from the Kayla Itsines workouts I had been doing all summer, or that my baby being one, I find that life got a little easier. Either way, I wanted a way to mix it up and fell back in love with CorePower. A new studio opened up near our new home, there is an amazing teacher at 6 am during the week and 7:30 and 9am on Saturday morning. Last Christmas, all I asked for {and got!} was CorePower gift cards, so I have more than enough classes saved up. I took a break after the holidays because my brother and his bride convinced us to sign up at Orange Theory with them to get ready for their spring wedding.

So basically, it was a no brainer: new studio, motivation to wake up early, good schedule, "free" classes and I have been a little bit bored with my workout. Yes, waking up at 5:37am after a long mom day can be a jihad, but I know that I will come back with the kiddos having breakfast with dad, my pants soaked through with sweat and my workout done for the day.

While I love sharing these posts and it makes for easy content because I am passionate about it, I want to share in hopes of motivating just one person. I also want to encourage myself to mix it up and share my schedule to hold myself accountable. I am quite determined, so while I say that I say that I don't want to workout, I know that I always will, but me re-falling back in love with yoga sculpt makes working out much more fun!

CorePower Yoga Sculpt

Kayla Itsines Arm Workout

Kayla Itsines Leg Workout


35 minutes on the elliptical and some Kayla Itsines ab exercises

CorePower Yoga Sculpt {at 6 am!}

3.25 mile run outside {in the rain!}, pushing the double Bob with the dog

CorePower Yoga Sculpt

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