mommy monday

This was sent to me by a friend and the smell and look brings me immediately back to middle school! I now keep it in the door handle pocket of my minivan to apply every time we are running around. The packaging is adorable but it is an incredibly amazing lip balm as well! With this Southern California heatwave, my lips are dehydrated and this makes them feel amazing all day. I am a glossier convert!

blush blanket scarf

When and if fall does come to San Diego, I will be wearing this OVERSIZED BLANKET SCARF on day one! I love the price {$13!} and the blush and nuetral tones couldn't be more perfect and flattering. Again, if fall every does allow me to wear a sweater again, I plan on pairing it with my favorite cashmere. Little man tends to wake up from his nap before his big sister so he and I play on the floor in my closet, so I took advantage the other day and organized my sweaters so I will be ready for the first cool morning.

best dark skinny jeans

While I have recommend these under $100 high waisted jeans countless times, I have a new jean obsession with these HIGH WAISTED ANKEL JEANS. I am a rag & bone convert! The soft, flattering fabric, the raw hem and the flattering high cut have me doing laundry just to wear these jeans! They are not budget friendly, I got mine during the Nordstrom sale, but I promise that you will be tempted to get rid of all your other jeans!

baby converse

Leo wears these daily. They make him look like such a little man! I have always been strongly wierded out when I see babies, no matter the temperature, with no foot covering and I feel like I rarely left the house with either child not wearing shoes from a young age. Would you leave the house without shoes on? Maybe that is why I feel strange... again, this is a strange irrational mom thing of mine, but nonetheless, these are Leo's most worn shoes of late. I love the velcro, easy on and off and that they are too cute as he learns to walk.

safest carseat

I cannot believe that I am there, but we had to buy our second toddler carseat and no longer have a baby car seat in either car! How did that happen?

While this tends to be the most popular toddler car seat because this is the most popular baby car seat, I found the reviews on this RECARRO CAR SEAT were better. Made by the company that outfits the Ferrariari racing cars, this carseat is one of the only US toddler car seats that has been tested with front and side to side impacts. It has great air flow and fits facing forwards and backwards.

It is important to have your child rear facing as long as possible. Crash tests has shown with young children's anatomy, in collision, rear facing children have more neck and head support in the case of crash. I only flip them toward facing once their legs are cramped rear facing due to the seat. This car seat fits either way. 

I have also read and been told that this all in one convertible carseat is amazing as it transitions as your child grows in height and weight since, in California, kids have to be in carseats until 8 years old.

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