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I wanted to share a typical day with you, as I do get a lot of questions on how I run the blog, a closet side business and be a full time, hands on mom. I do not have a parade of nannys and I can't call my mom or mother in law anytime I want them to take the kids. The kids' naps are a high priority, to the point that we have missed countless play dates and I have been less social than other moms in a couple of mom groups. 

This schedule is what currently works for our daughter {2 years and 11 months} and son {13 months}, yet this has been the same schedule for 8 months +. The changes have been Leo's morning nap starts later as he gets older, so therefore both kids' naps in the afternoon starts later. 

For example, when Leo was younger, he would go down about 8 and then with a casual shift to 8:30am. The afternoon nap would then be closer to 1pm. When he was younger than 6 months, I still would make sure that he napped when sister did in the afternoon, but we would then get a little cat nap in the car, or on the go in-between his designated morning nap in his crib and this afternoon nap, also in his crib. This gave me a little window to make sure all of us got out of the house and a little sanity that if the day was going less than perfect, I at least knew that I had a little time of peace and quite {read: nap time for myself} each afternoon. 

7:00 am - Everyone up! Fernando normally gets Madrid and I attend to Leo since we are still breastfeeding. Madrid picks a dress to wear and I change Leo's diaper, but he stays in his pjs. Then we head downstairs to breakfast. We don't tend to sit around the table and chit chat: it is more of Madrid in one of our new counter stools, Leo in the high chair and me cleaning up from the night before, writing in the baby journals, feeding McKinley, starting laundry etc. as Fernando tends to breakfast for the little ones and himself. 

7:30 am - Everyone upstairs with dad! The kids love to play around the master bathroom while Fernando gets ready and I continue to clean, get laundry organized, get myself dressed for the day and make the bed. Then say goodbye to dad and continue to play!

9:00 am -Leo may eat more breakfast, then get a diaper change and some milk, if he will take it and down for a nap. This past weekend, I have begun {trying} to get rid of a breastfeeding, since we are still doing it four times a day. 

9:15 am -Leo {ideally} napping, then I head to the home gym to do a workout. Madrid reads, plays or lays on me while I try to do abs. 

10:00 am - With Leo still sleeping, we head to the office where Madrid continues to play, helps me organize {i.e. empty drawers} or reads and I try to get to a blog post or two, emails and shipping out packages. {I have a business that I help people clean out their closet and sell their unwanted clothes. Email me if you want to know more! More on that in this post and here! }

11:00 am - By now, Leo is awake so we get him ready and go out to run errands, head to a playdate or  a playground. The double cart at the grocery store is a favorite of both kiddos, so I use this to my advantage and head to get the groceries, lunch or dinner.

12:30 pm- I have either packed a lunch, we stop for lunch or head home for lunch for the kiddos. We play around, go to a playground or just hang with McKinley outside. 

2:00 pm - Naptime! I have a well orchestrated dance of getting both kids down in 15 minutes or less: Everyone to Madrid's room where we go to the bathroom and pick books for her to read. Leo romps around as I get her settled. Then off to Leo's room: get him changed and into his sleep sack, breastfeed him and put him down in his crib. From the beginning, we trained our kids to get put to bed sleepy but wide awake so that they could be confident in self soothing. I have never used a pacifier with either kid and don't give them a bottle to fall asleep with. Leo has hit the age where he is wide awake and sitting up in his crib when I leave the room, not crying, completely content and is asleep in about 10 minutes. Madrid is also happily reading to herself or talking with her stuffed animals and is normally asleep within 30 minutes. 

2:30 pm - I have lunch and head back to my office. I try to get a blog post scheduled a day, and get at least five clothing items listed on the Internet to sell for clients. This is my mommy saving time! I use this time to relax, focus on work and sometimes shower and start chopping dinner. 

4:30 pm- Leo normally wakes up first. I will play with him in his room or bring him to my office where he plays and I try to continue to get some work done. Normally it is just finishing up links for a blog post. 

5:00 pm - Madrid normally gets up between 5 and 6pm so we play in her room and start to brainstorm dinner. Then downstairs we go while I cook and the kids play. I try to get Leo starting to eat by 6pm since he is our little Frenchman and tends to eat happily in his highchair for an hour +. Fernando gets home about 6:30pm and if I am super organized, dinner is ready and on the table for him so we can eat as a family while the kids finish up. 

7-8pm - kids bathe, in pjs and down for bed! 
{a more detailed post about this since I love love love our nighttime routine; it is quick, fun for everyone and efficient!}

8:00pm - we clean the kitchen and get back to work, I finish laundry or we watch a show if we are currently hooked on one. We try to implement a rule that technology is off at 9pm if I haven't showered and by 9:30pm if I have, but we are bad at enforcing this rule, but we both know that it exists. Ideally we are both in bed by 9:45pm so we can talk and read and still be lights out at a decent hour. 

I realize that this schedule is heavily reliant on two sets of hands. 

This is what works for our family. We both discussed at length about the family culture that we wanted to create before we got married and long before we had kids. My husband's priority in the day, besides making everyone happy, is to spend time with the kids. I realize that not all dads are like this, but this is what works for us. Of course, there have been nights that he has to juggle them alone or I have to do the bedtime routine by myself. But it is a priority of both of ours to have more nights together the 4 of us than otherwise. Ideally everyone is happy and engaged, there are no tears or struggles and Fernando and I high five once the kitchen is clean!



  1. I love reading how other mom's handle their schedules and daily routines! You're so lucky you have your husbands help, that makes such a difference. Mine travels pretty much Monday through Friday so I'm solo parenting most of the week myself. He's had this job since before we had kids so we knew it would be like this but he is awesome on the weekends when he's home with helping the kids.

  2. Great skirt & sneakers!



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